March 3, 2020

A partnership with payroll software Payboy

Last month, we entered a partnership with a payroll software company in Singapore to supply an oppo phone as a time attendance tracking device for some of their clients.

This partnership will not be the last for our company which aims to be the largest distributor of Oppo phone in Singapore.

But firstly, let us explain the premise for our partnership. Our team at Oppostore has been growing quickly over the past few years due to the rise of Oppo as a brand and we have always been using Payboy's payroll software module feature for our payroll processing needs.

We have been very pleased with their software when it comes to our HR needs and vice versa, they have been pleased with the stability of Oppo when it comes to their Payboy app's performance.

Thus it is natural that they come to us with an agreement like this which sealed our partnership.

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